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Im taking some time off.

I’m sorry. Ill be back soon.. I hope.

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dollxy said: Thank you for sharing my work ^^

You are very welcome <3

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Can you recognize he’s Honglee?(′▽`〃)

Angell Studio

Gorgeous beyond belief!

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Blue jay… can reflect lessons in using your power properly. … The word jay comes from the Latin “gaia” or “gaea”, which has associations to Mother Earth…. It has the ability to link the heavens and earth, to access each for greater power.

The sky (blue) separates the Heavens (white) and the earth (black). This is a totem that can move between both and tap the primal energies at either level…

The blue jay is actually a member of the crow family, and most crows have no fear. … The jay is fearless, and it is because of this that it can help you to connect with the deepest mysteries of the earth and the greatest of the heavens….

If the jay has flown into your life, it indicates that you are moving into a time where you can begin to develp the innate royalty that is within you.  

Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak

Carin the forest witch, my Zaoll Love, a stereotypical mori girl.

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